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Cat Fishing Bait Sand Tips and Cat Fishing History

Catfish have historically been fished and farmed extensively for food and in America and various countries in the world. Today catfish is still a very popular food. In addition, the actual act of catfishing is now a very popular hobby for fishing enthusiasts. Catfish live in inland or coastal waters of every continent except Antarctica. Catfish have inhabited all continents at one time or another. More than half of all catfish species live in the Americas. They are found in freshwater environments, though most inhabit shallow, running water. Catfish are incredibly easy to catch, if you are just learning how to fish for catfish or are a catching catfish master, I am sure these catfishing tips and catfishing techniques are going to help next time you go fishing for catfish.

One of the catfishing techniques to use is to use bait with notable scents. Whether you are catfishing in ponds or catfishing in rivers, catfish will find food by smell with their whiskers. The best baits for catfishing are live baits, catfish prefer live baits. Stinky stuffs likeshrimp, guts, other fish, bits of tuna, hot dogs, etc. are good catfishing baits.

One of the tips on catfishing used by everyone is fishing in the early mornings and evenings. The most popular kind of catfish to find is the channel catfish. This is because the catfishing techniques for this are simplified because this kind of fish will bite more often. Also, fewer catfishing equipments are needed for catching channel catfish. Your catfishing tackle will most likely be composed of a few catfishing rods and reels. You are going to want to use treble hooks because these fish can easily suckle a bait off of a single point hook.

The blue channel catfish requires different catfishing techniques. Bush hooks and trotlines are needed in your catfishing rigs for this kind of catfish. Simple materials can be used for smaller ones though. A large hook and a lead sinker can be used, and cut fish can help get them closer to the surface.

It is easy to hook a bullhead catfish. Since they are bottom feeders, a deep line with worms and shrimps, among other baits, can be especially useful. This kind of catfish can be found at any different time of day. The flathead catfish is the most difficult kind of catfish to get. This requires tougher catfishing techniques, as they are harder to hook. Also, this kind of catfish tends to swim alone.

Chumming is a catfishing technique that will definitely get you more bites. Chum is little balls of prepared fish food that you can either buy at a shop or make yourself. All you do is throw the chum into the water and then fish like you regularly do. The chum will attract the cats and you can sit back and reel them in. It takes a bit of trial and error, because some spots are better for chumming than others.

While there are many different kinds of catfishing techniques to consider it is best to use one for a specific kind of catfish. This is needed to be done so that the catfishing trip can be more successful and easier to get. Be sure to consider what types of catfish are in a particular area so that certain catfishing techniques can be used.

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