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Cat Home Sweet

Sweet Dreams with Tommy Bahama Pillows by Chris Robertson

I have always been a fan of anything that carries the Tommy Bahama name. Not only is my closet full of great looking Tommy Bahama clothing, but my home is quickly becoming a testament to the incredible line of Tommy Bahama home furnishings. If you have never nestled into a bed made up with Tommy Bahama bedding, I urge you to find the nearest merchant that carries this leading home furnisher's bedding collection. It's no secret, once you sleep with Tommy Bahama linens, you never go back!

I discovered my passion for Tommy Bahama quite innocently while shopping for new bed linens. After sharing the bed with three kids, two dogs and a cat for more years than I care to admit, I decided the bed needed a complete redo on everything from the mattress pad to the pillows. Since shopping online is really the only way to shop, I turned to my laptop and my favorite designer name, Tommy Bahama. It wasn't long before I found exactly what I had been dreaming about. The bedding basics, as well as the Tommy Bahama blankets and decorative bedding, I ordered did not disappoint.

One of my most favorite Tommy Bahama bedding items I purchased has to be the cool through the night pillow. The name alone had me immediately hooked, as I live in a very humid climate and anything that evokes the image of cool gets my attention. This 400-thread count, primaloft filled pillow is made with Tencel Lyocell fabric, which is silky, smooth and specifically designed to wick away moisture. No more having to turn the pillow over in the middle of hot summer nights searching for a cool spot to lay one's head. This wondrous pillow is the answer to sweet dreams forever more.

Possibly one of the best things about these ingenious pillows is the fact they are hypoallergenic and can be machine washed and dried. The primaloft filler is anti-bacterial, designed to repel moisture, thus allowing your body to stay dry and your bedding to stay clean. This medium density, durable pillow is made in the USA and the workmanship says it all. My Tommy Bahama bed pillows really do look as good as the day I received them, and I have since invested in the same cool through the night pillows for the kids' beds. The guest room is next in line for a complete update on bedding and I know my guests will love the Tommy Bahama linens and pillows I have chosen.

It has been said the bed pillow is one of our best friends; it listens to secrets, bears witness to dreams and wipes away occasional tears. Tommy Bahama cool through the night pillows will allow you to drift peacefully in to slumber and keep your dreams sweet throughout the night. When your bed is outfitted with the perfect pillows and linens, you will wonder why you didn't shop for Tommy Bahama bedding sooner. Do not hesitate to start your shopping trip with Tommy Bahama Home at the top of your list. Your dreams await you!

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies.
For tips/information, click here: Tommy BahamaVisit Majon's home-accessories-interior-design directory.

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