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Advice On How to Prevent Discus Fish Disease

The aquarium isn't typically what you would first think when referring to pets. Actually, the majority of us would instantly depict an image of a dog within our mind, or maybe even cat. However, many homes today have fish tanks plus they are not just for ornamental or design purposes. Yes they look great, that is a given. Fish tanks and also the fish are also effective stress relievers. That's why many people today would rather own fish. A species from the fish breeds that a lot of aquarists choose is the discus fish.

First, there are lots of advantages in having a pet fish. First you won't have to take them for walks, you don't need to provide them with baths, they don't demand much attention, and you don't need to cleanup after them. Yes they still need some taking care of but not compared to our canine and feline friends. This doesn't mean though that when you have your tank filled it up with water, and purchased your fish then your all done. You may still find quite a few things that you need to do to make sure that they will live a long time and save you the anxiety of purchasing new fish every time one dies.

discus fish disease

The good news is, most fish, including the discus, maybe even more, develop health problems due to stress. Although fish are fragile when compared with other household pets, they don't really just wither and die if they are kept well. And all you really have to do is ensure that the tank is clean and feed them as scheduled, which is not really so often. There are some factors though that can cause them stress and therefore weakening their immune system. Here are a few methods that you can do to keep your discus fish stress free and healthy.

Like air is to humans, water is the single most important aspect to fish besides food. So ensure that their water is free from chlorine and other toxic chemicals, in addition to chemical toxins. You should also keep it a good temperature and pH level. Investing in a dependable purifier, filter, and aerator can make water clean and liveable.

Vary the diet of your discus fish. Besides flakes and granules, feed them blood worms or fresh or frozen brine shrimp as discus fish are carnivorous.

Keep the aquarium inside a quiet and solitary place. Too much noise and motion, just like a door opening or heavy human traffic can cause them stress.

Never overcrowd your tank. Discus are very protective of their space so that they need ample room to develop and breed. The bigger the tank, the better.

Consistency is the key. Do not let abrupt highs and lows happen in the temperature and pH levels of the water in the tank. This could give them a shock.

Following these easy steps will help you keep discus away from stress thus giving them a healthier and long life.

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