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Cat Ear Earrings

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Cat Ear Earrings

Antique Earrings as the perfect gift by Anirban

Earrings have been natural ornaments for men and women ever since the desire grew in the ancient man to adorn his and her body. These have been worn from time immemorial to project status and wealth or indicate religious ceremonies which have been performed. In a number of societies the ear lobes are pierced very early on in life even now in modern times and a small stick inserted in each lobe to keep the hole clear for an earring to be inserted at a later date. Antique earrings go back in time to around 3000 BC when two different earrings were in existence shaped like hoops or like intricate pendants. Antique earrings have also been found from a royal grave in Iraq dated 2500 BC.

Antique earrings came back after the dark age of poverty around 2 AD with the use of precious stones like emeralds and sapphire with noble metals. In the middle ages a change in fashion almost killed earrings with the new shoulder length hair hiding the ear lobes! With the subsequent disappearance of high collars and a subtle mutation of hair style shaped around the face, earrings bounced back, this time with increase in complexity of design. The famous and heavy girandole earrings of the 17th century with excessive use of gems and metal gave way to the longer but lighter pendeloque earrings in the 18th century. The 20th century bade goodbye to piercing of the ears with the advent of the screw backs and clip on type of earrings. Multiple piercing of the ears is now haute with both women and men sporting earrings to suit their mood, dress and the occasion.

Russian jewellery is synonymous with antique earrings and the famous House of Faberge and its pastel eggs. Online shops now offer earrings with blue Faberge eggs with crystals. There is the famous set of Catherine the Great Easter earrings and the Jeweled Cap and Pearl earrings. The Faberge Flower earrings going back to a 1907 design is most exquisite. Other equally attractive earrings are Pre-Columbian Cat, Fuluni Hoop and Greco-Roman Black Onyx earrings.

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February 28th, 2012 at 2:32 am