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Use eco-friendly products for mobile pet grooming

Mobile pet grooming
is a revolutionary service, provided by some of the most talented groomers in the industry, that caters to the comforts of pets and their parents. This practice is becoming more common with salons offering pick up and drop off services. Avery’s mobile pet salon goes above and beyond our competitors, we groom on location so the pet parent knows their fur-kid is in a safe environment with personalized care. There are no multiple dogs in cages or hours wasted putting your pet in the car, waiting, and picking up. By utilizing state of the art mobile grooming salons, groomers are capable of coming to any office, home, or hotel. The eco-friendly salon is in a self-sufficient hybrid equipped with everything from blow dryers to bows for your beloved pet. We perform every service from nail trims, baths for cats and dogs, trimming, hand stripping, and even flea baths! Only eco-friendly and pet friendly products are used, we do not believe in using any product tested on by animals. The mobile groomers use natural products designed just for animals. Their use of a hydro massage spa bathing system is famous throughout the tri-state area. It conserves water while giving your pet the best massage of their furry lives. Other eco-friendly products used for
Mobile pet grooming

• Sulfate free shampoos are used for washing the fur of cats and dogs by mobile pet groomers. These shampoos help in keeping the fur of the pets’ soft and odor free.

• Naturally made itch relieving lotions are also available. “Comfy Dog” is one such company available in market which deals with such natural product.

• Doc Ackerman is is famous among the pet groomers and lovers for their natural pet care remedies and grooming products. They are made with the help of botanical herbs and the essential oils required for the healthy body and skin of the animals. The company does not use harsh chemicals in any of their products.

• Hampi natural pet and spa is another name in the industry. They are renowned for their mud bath treatments and manufactures products like natural shampoo and conditioner. They provide products at wholesale rates as well as retail prices.

By using the above products, mobile groomers can keep pets looking their best while protecting the animals and the environment. By using eco-friendly products, a green salon, and coming to you, mobile groomers are shrinking their carbon footprint. Our children, furry or human, deserve a safe planet.

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