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What is Pine Cat Litter? by Mayoor Patel

As people look for more healthful ways to handle the issue of proper cat hygiene in the home, pine cat litter may be a good solution. But what is cat pine litter and how is it a better alternative than all the solutions already on the market. Here are a few things you should know about cat litter made with pine that may entice you into giving the product a try.

Pine based cat litter is a natural alternative, much like many clay based litters. However one of the ways in which the pine type of litter differs from the clay is the number of additives that are infused into the litter to help it eliminate odors. The fact of the matter is that pine can not only absorb the liquid but also the odors without the need to add various chemicals to the process. What this means is that you have a product that is truly natural with just a minimum of chemicals added. Also, the pine scent does not just mask the strong ammonia scent of cat urine. The pine effectively kills the smell as it absorbs the moisture, and continues to emit a pleasing scent of pine

Pine cat litter also has the distinction of not creating the dust and off fly that is associated with some forms of cat litter. The lack of dusty residue is pleasing to many people, in that persons who are concerned with health risks associated with some forms of cat litter that do kick up quite a bit of dust don't have to worry about this happening. As an example, pine litter does not contain silica quartz or sodium bentonite, two of the chemical compounds that are in clumping cat litter. Both of these are purported to be health hazards, especially in regard to respiratory problems and cancer. With neither of these chemicals present, and with no dust residue to deal with, pine litter is a great alternative.

Finding pine litter is not hard to do. While not all supermarkets carry it, you should be able to find the pine variety in all major stores associated with major pet shop chains, as well as with a number of independently owned pet shops. Generally, you will find the price competitive with other types of litter, so the difference in cost will be minimal at best.

Pine cat litter has a lot going for it. With a fresh scent that lasts for a long time, excellent absorbing ability, the lack of dust residue and the absence of chemicals that appear to be health risks, pine litter is a great alternative for your home and pet.

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March 22nd, 2012 at 4:00 pm