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Cat Bead Charm

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Cat Bead Charm

European Jewellery For All Animal Lovers Over 30!

The relatively new concept of European charm jewellery has taken the world by storm and is extremely popular the world over. Many new brand names have emerged in this sector including Pandora, Biagi, Troll, Truth, Chamilla and many others. However, they are really rather like the “Nike trainers” of the jewellery world, the latest must have among teenagers, a “trophy” to show your friends, with a most definite appeal to the under 25’s.

So if you are over this age bracket but still like the slinky clean lines of a silver snake chain together with individual beads and charms that have that “personal meaning”, but, you don’t want to feel like “mutton dressed as lamb” what can you do?

Silver Animal Jewellery
has now launched a completely new range of contemporary jewellery called
. This is a completely new concept in
Cat Jewellery
design, extremely modern and contemporary but with a twist!! It is based on the highly popular European charm bracelet designs, but with a design difference that makes it particularly suitable for the over 30’s.

Theses wonderful pieces symbolise your cat (or dog) and its own unique coat colour!

This range of bracelets and necklaces uses combinations of semi precious, big hole European gemstone beads to represent the animal's coat colour and these are combined with a single cat or dog charm and a modern, chunky snake chain.

The gemstone beads are sourced from around the world and include Crazy Lace Agate, Picture Jasper, Blue Cats Eye, Orange Cats Eye, Bamboo Stone, Tiger Eye, Orange Howlite, Natural Wood Lace Stone, Dragon Veins, Created Opal, Blue Amazonite, Grey, White & Black Agate, Sodalite, Carnelians and others. These are carefully combined to subtley resemble the colours of many breeds of cats and dogs, often using the striking colours of the Cats Eye beads to represent eye colours.

Each gemstone, being natural stone, has its own individual marking and colouration meaning no two gemstones will ever be exactly the same. So, rather than being the same as your peers and having the same things, every "CharmBreed" bracelet or necklace is totally unique to you. Each piece of Charmbreeds jewellery is as individual and unique as you are and as special and distinctive as your pet.

There are two ranges - A silver plated collection and a Sterling Silver collection. Each piece also features a logo tag, attached at the fastening, which displays the distinctive CharmBreeds Logo as a mark of authenticity.

To complete the whole concept, each piece comes in its own specially designed and stylised gift box with a detailed description of the gemstone beads used along with their spiritual, health and ancient meanings.

Charmbreeds make Purrfect gifts for cat and dog lovers……they do not need feeding, exercising or grooming and they never need a vet... but now you really can take your cat or dog everywhere with you!

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August 16th, 2012 at 8:10 am