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Making a Delicious & Adorable Cartoon Marzipan Pigs

Have you ever wondered why a piggy-bank is in the shape of a pig? Why do we choose to put our money into a pig-shaped vessel? I mean, we don’t put money into a cow, a cat, a dog, or a goat figurine…unless we have a specialized bank.

For most people?

The change goes into a pig.

So, then. Why are they lucky?

There are varying thoughts out there as to how this idea got started…

Pigs have been used and revered by farmers for centuries. They will eat almost anything, they reproduce quickly and easily, are a fast sale, and delicious to eat.

Others think that pigs are considered lucky due to Greek Mythology, where pigs were associated with the favor of Zeus.

Still, many think the idea of a lucky pig began with Native American culture because pigs are associated with the ability to bring rain and prosperity.

Does this explain the legend of the lucky pig?

I think the most charming theory says that lucky pigs came from St. Nicholas. According to legend, marzipan pigs were delivered by St. Nicholas to children between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day along with wooden toys.

Of course—if this is true—it makes a person wonder; where did St. Nick get his ideas from?

Whatever the case, marzipan pigs are adorable, fun, and traditionally a symbol of good fortune.

To make a cartoon marzipan pig, you will need:


Pink food coloring

Brown food coloring

Gum Paste for eyes if desired

3 circular glasses of variable size, or,

3 circular cookie cutters of variable size

1 star shaped cookie cutter

Waxed paper

For your first step, tint two different colors of marzipan, and reserve some unused marzipan for the eyes. You will be tinting the remaining marzipan brown and pink.

As an alternate technique, you can use gum paste for the pig’s eyes, as gum paste is white and marzipan has an almond tone.

Place a sheet of waxed paper on your work surface and assemble the pig onto the waxed paper. Or, apply your pig directly to the cake piece by piece.

Roll out pink marzipan and grab your cookie cutters or varying kitchen glasses.

Use the largest circular cut-out of marzipan for the body, the second largest for the head, and the smallest for the snout. Your pig will rest flat, so place the large circle first as the body, the medium circle above as the face, and the snout on the lower portion of the face.

Use two points of the star cookie cutter and cut out the pig’s pink ears. Attach to the top of the pig’s head.

Next, create nostrils by rolling brown marzipan into a short “vine”. Chop in half. Apply vertically to the snout.

Roll out brown marzipan and use the smallest circular cookie cutter to cut out the dough. Slice it in half, and use as a hoof. Attach to the bottom of the body with. With a toothpick, add a dent to the front of the pig’s hoof.

Finally, roll out a “vine” for the tail. Twist it into a spiral and attach to the side of the pig.

Have fun with your kids making these adorable pigs!

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