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Cat 6 wiring cable- easy connection tips for bulk data transfer

Cat 6 wiring is extensively used in companies for bulk data transfer because it the safest cabling. Advantage of using Cat 6 wiring is that it is very fast as compared to other cable network. Cat 6 wiring is widely used because of higher bandwidth.

Cat 6 wiring diagram
gives complete information related to the structure of cabling.

Cat 6 wiring gives improved performance. Cat 6 wiring cable consists of 8 wires covered with PVC insulation with different colors each. Cat 6 cable provides up to 250 MHz. this cable is best suited for 10 BASE-T/ 100BASE-TX and the 1000BASE-T/1000 BASE TX Gigabit Ethernet. Not only this it also gives up to date and strict specification due which it is extensively used to transfer data between many PC. it offers specifications for cross connection or cross talk.

Cat 6 cable is some times made of 23 gauge wire. For connecting computer Ethernet to the device you want you need 8 pin 8 connector which is also known as RJ-45 connector. Before using cat 6 cable you need to follow some instructions as to remove outer insulation up to 2 inches and make sure there is no wire cut. Following the standard of TIA/EIA-568-A standard organize the wires from left to right. In pin 1 white/green, pin 2 green, pin 3 white/orange, pin 4 blue wires. Next in pin 5 white/blue, pin6 orange, pin 7 white/brown and pin 8 brown wires.

Now adjust the RJ45 connector properly on the wire for the interface of the connector is facing away from you and securing clip is on the top. In this way you can arrange and use cat 6 wiring for bulk data transfer.

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