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It's fast enough, safe enough, fun enough and can go just about anywhere a two-wheeler and four-wheeler can go. And Cody reckons that Arctic Cat gives good pricing for an ATV like this too!Other reviews of Arctic Cat 400 4x4 ATVHowever, it's not all beds and roses with the Arctic Cat because one problem we found was that the gears were set too high. For instance, the reverse gear was set so high that if you tried to reverse yourself out of the mud, you won't be able to because it won't have enough power to get the ATV out. Perhaps a change of tires would do the trick, so, it's all trial and error here.Arctic Cat 400 is probably not the best machine to race on but it is definitely one of the best ATVs to own if you love get a little muddy! It's got the power to get the machine out of anything if you get the right tires and it's decently fast. But we reckon it's nothing a little modification can't fix. And for that price? Come on! An increasingly popular modification RZR owners are doing is removing the plastic spacer that is on the crank shaft in the drive clutch assembly. This can increase your to RZR's top speed by as much as 10 mph.The RZR's transmission is a pulley based constant velocity transmission (PVT) that consists of 3 major assemblies, the drive clutch, the driven clutch, and the drive belt. The drive clutch and the driven clutch both consist of two conical shaped pulley halves, called sheaves. The transmission operates by sensing centrifugal force that cause shift weights to push against rollers that push the movable sheave closer to the other sheave to pinch the drive belt. The closer the two sheaves are pushed together the further out the belt is pushed.Removal of this spacer allows the two sheaves to come completely together where the belt would move out to the largest diameter on the sheaves. We have found this will increase your RZR's top speed anywhere from 5-10 mph. Some will say this is going against the original design of the transmission, but we speculate that it was designed without the spacer and was added on later as an easy way to limit the RZR's top speed for liability reasons. We have heard some arguments that removal of this spacer will decrease the life of your drive belts, but we have yet to have any issues. A proper break in period at lower speeds for the first 100 miles on a new RZR or after a new belt is installed is highly recommended to ensure a longer belt life.Removal of the plastic limiting spacer is a simple process that requires a clutch compression tool that can be purchased through your local Polaris dealer (part # 8700220)1. Remove driver and passenger seats.2. Remove panel that is behind the seats to gain access to the outer clutch cover.3. Remove the push rivets and fasteners holding the rear seat base and remove from vehicle.4. With a screw driver loosen the clamp that holds the clutch outlet duct to the clutch cover and slide it off.

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